Hey Ya'll! So I don't know how many people on here are watching the voice this season-- I am! One of my friends (well I don't personally know her-- but we've been communicating through facebook and stuff) is on the voice- her name is Holly Tucker- if you've been watching the voice, she's on Blake Shelton's team.. she's got an incredible voice, I've seen some of her YouTube videos a few months back, and I was elated when she auditioned for the voice, and breezed through the blind auditions, the battle rounds, and the nockouts and made it to the live rounds!! Everyone be on the look-out for her... ya'll can look up her YouTube channel, too she's got some pretty awesome covers on there. (including "You" by Chris!!) which she does an awesome job at... I'm usually warey of people covering Chris's songs (cause nobody can sing them like Chris) but she does a pretty good job, too... and she's a fan of Chris too!! So please vote for her.. you can also download all the contestants performances on ITunes too... so yeah everyone please check her out if you get a chance! I think Blake has a pretty good team this year, too!!